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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The “God” of the Gut – Animals, Faith, & Gluttony

The “God” of the Gut – Animals, Faith, & Gluttony

Jesus fished with his disciples.  Jesus multiplied a few fish into enough to feed a village.  Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, fell into a trance in which God said: “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat” (Acts 10.13).  The New Testament stories about the present time, not only give permission to kill and eat animals, but even allows for more animal consumption than the Hebrew Scriptures.
According to the Bible, eating meat is not a sin… unless, your god becomes your gut.


  • Can vegetarians eat honey? Can vegans eat honey?
    Honey is an animal product. Can vegetarians and/or vegans eat milk or cheese, yogurt, or milk chocolate? Bees "make" honey out of vegetable matter just as cows "make" milk out of grass.
    I don't know if vegans or vegetarians are health conscious or more concerned with treating animals ethically. If ethics are their schtick then aren't diary cows treated like slaves, like chickens, like pigs, like circus elephants? Are not bees exploited and kept mostly prisoners in commercially owned hives, which are moved around for rent by bee keepers to commercial farms because they are biologically required to pollinate plant life, which is then consumed by vegetarians, vegans, and Earthling Humans? I honestly don't know their position on the animal product honey, but would like to know.
    Okay, I can appreciate that people eschew leather, feathers, suede, parchment, skin and fur, but if you are an animal lover, and you have a pet Canine-American or a pet Feline-American, isn't it animal abuse to deprive a carnivore of meat?
    If ethics is the rationale to not eat meat then doesn't harvesting one's own meat by hunting game trump the reason? Is it cruel to cull the herds of overpopulating animals damaged by the natural and man-made diminution of their natural habitats, the introduction of alien life forms that "steal" their food supply or parasite on our friendly animal treasure? Is hunting unethical? Fishing? Or does it depend on the method of fishing? An aboriginal spear or bow and arrow would be approved but a net, a cruelly-barbed fish hook, or a stick of dynamite like they use off a rowboat in Lebanon to fish would be disfavored?
    Considering the Bible, I think eating honey and animals is perfectly holy. John the Baptist ate both.
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        Okay, I am not here to pick a fight or insult anyone. I know nothing about vegetarianism or vegan-ism. I see a comment something about "our modern day system of capitalistic farming." Has not "farming" ALWAYS been capitalistic? Even before the First Century? Even "family farming" requires dealing with the Market: The marketplace for land, for livestock, for feed, for machinery and equipment, for fuel, for seed, for tools, insecticide, silo builders, egg crate suppliers, milk transporters, veterinarian services, fertilizer, laborers, fence posts, barbed wire or wooden fencing... That is Capitalism. Even feudalism features most of these same necessary and customary "means of production,' did it not?
        The only non-capitalistic farming that I can imagine is what was attempted under Communism. This was and is "central political planned" farming and we all saw what that did to plant genetics, Soviet farms, Cuban agriculture, and Chinese death by starvation. This implied criticism of the market-based allocation of resources to farming is, I think, ill conceived.
        We certainly don't have in the US or the EU capitalist farming. We have government, centrally or regionally, planned, subsidized, and directed farming. There is no Free Market and no Free Trade. Those freedoms are implicit in Capitalism.
        What say you, comrade?

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