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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Who Was First?

"Death to America and Israel"; "Zionism is Terrorism and Therefore Must End"; and "Death to zionism" apparently don't violate Facebook's community standards.
This isn't the first time critics have questioned Facebook's judgment.

Dane Opliger zionism is anti semitic. A Jewish state before their savior allows is anti semitic. Zionists are goddess, tbh. they steal, cheat, murder, lie, etc.
Percy Keats There are a tiny handful of REALLY freaky and bizarre Ultra-Orthodox who think such eccentric, disturbed things.
Dane Opliger The fact is that the occupation of Israel is on the country of Palestine, illigally. The state of Israel has zero accountability for their actions.

There is a large amount of jews who are against the state of Israel and Israels actions.
Richard L. Wright Should have studied harder at Kansas, and you wouldn't be so dense.
Dane Opliger Says the man with a rhetorical response. Why is Israel just in stealing land? the burdon of proof is on you Richard L. Wright
Cindi Brown All of those who commented above are totally anti semite. It is so sad to to see Americans with this attitude! Israel is our greatest ally. Do we really want as a majority the muslims?
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Dane Opliger Cindi Brown It is anti human to blindly support the occupation "state" of "Israel."

Crimes against humanity should be treated equally among all nations....See More
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Dane Opliger Cindi Brown What about a Muslim majority? what are you trying to say?
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Dane Oplinger: there has NEVER been a country of Palestine. At best, it was a province of the Roman Empire with no indigenous rulers. When the Jews failed to recognize the Savior that G-d had sent to them, who was the once-and-for-all sacrifice that did away with animal sacrifice in the Temple, they LOST the Temple under Roman destruction in 70 AD. Thus, Saul of Tarsus was anointed and empowered as Paul to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles.

The Jews who rejected Christ were required after 70 AD to accept rabbinic teaching that prayer was an acceptable substitute for animal sacrifice. The Jews who accepted Christ, the disciples, the First Century Christians, and what are today called Messianic Jews, truly ARE justified in returning to Israel because they have seen by sight or by faith their Messiah come.

So, no Palestinian state. The area and ethnicity of Palestinians were totally subservient and captive to the governance and harsh rule of the Ottoman Empire, an Islamic state that gave no self-governance to Palestinians or anyone else in their totalitarian empire. That nation's suicidal alliance with Germany in WWI eliminated the Ottoman Empire, with some help from Sir Lawrence and the unification of Saudi royalty, opened the door to British occupation and the dread Balfour Declaration. There was no Palestinian government, police, courts, or civic entity under British rule and then in 1947, when the Brits were ousted by Jewish armed forces, the governance became Israeli. The Palestinians "right" to that real estate is even less than the American Indians' "right" to Manhattan, Massachusetts, South Dakota, or the Algonquin Hotel on 44th Street.

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