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Friday, December 18, 2015

British angle...

Frederick Forsyth: Court martial that shames the courts

SOME of you may have seen in yesterday’s Daily Express the reports of the extraordinary turnout in Birmingham as the new defence for imprisoned Marine sergeant Alex Blackman was handed in to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Flight of an Aussie songbird
Ever since she emerged from the cast of Neighbours those many moons ago, tiny Kylie Minogue has been singing and dancing for our entertainment and hardly a day not on the pages of one newspaper or another. (What a publicity agent!) Now at the age of 47 she tells us she wants to have a baby – by her 27-year-old boyfriend.
Any gynaecologist would be able to offer a shrewd word of advice. Better not wait too long.
Ooh matron!
Every winter the CO insists I have a kind of MOT, a medical check-up from follicles to toenails.
Nowadays that involves a check of the prostate. So while it was going on last week I remarked that I had spent four years at a public school successfully trying to avoid that sort of thing and now I had to pay for it. It took that doctor several minutes to recover.
I do so like a quack with a sense of humour.
Much outrage has been expressed at the suggestion by the weird Donald Trump that all Muslims should be banned from entering the USA. His explanation is that some might be dangerous and kill Americans by bomb or gun.
He should check his facts. Apart from the single date we all now know as 9/11, all the Americans killed by Muslim fanatics inside territorial USA in half a century, if put together, are hugely outnumbered by those slaughtered on a single day in 1995.
There were 168 killed that day, with 650 injured, including almost 50 crippled for life. I refer to the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The bomb planter was a white racist supremacist called Timothy McVeigh. Perhaps The Donald should ban himself.
Poor old Justin Welby, our present Archbishop of Canterbury. He tells us that when he heard of the Paris massacres three weeks ago he came close to questioning his belief in God.
Just as well he wasn’t present at Auschwitz. He could have repudiated 10 deities before breakfast.
Daily Express link

I posted this comment to an article with several items by the famous author Frederick Forsyth in the British Daily Express newspaper.

OldFoxLess than a minute ago
1.) The prostate item reminds me of a cartoon from a few months ago. One guy asks his buddy, "What does 'Get ready for Hillary' mean?' 

The friend says, "That means get ready for a prostate exam that will last eight years!" 

2.) Most people do not realize the obvious about Donald Trump. The guy is from Queens NY, like "Goodfellas", and over the same era. He got richer and richer by building skyscrapers and luxury buildings. You cannot build buildings in NYC without buying concrete and cement (mob); without contracting with construction trades unions (mobsters); without bribing building inspectors; without hiring Teamsters; without hiring garbage haulers which are 100% mob, without letting the mob throw bodies into the concrete forms used to make the foundations of your buildings; without bribing zoning officials, the local police precinct "pad;" without paying "protection" money to the appropriate consigliere in the neighborhood; without giving no-work jobs and no-show jobs to the cosa nostra negotiators. Tony Soprano is an accurate rendition of how it works, as is "On the Waterfront." 

Trump casts aspersions on Ted Cruz from Texas (a genius appellate advocate) for being supportive of the oil industry, but what industry is Trump in? He's a gambling casino operator, for crying out loud! That's Vice. Alcohol, strippers, hooker hospitality and crooked odds on gambling games, vigorish, loan-sharkism, thuggery. His business is vice!  Exploiting addiction.  How do you staff, manage, operate, and expand the gambling casino business in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and elsewhere? You bring in experts and experienced consultants from the industry, which are all run by mobsters, gangsters, and organized crime families. You get referrals to candidate employees from Vito, Antony, Paulie, Dominick, Alfonse, Bugsy, and Meyer Lansky. Come on. 

I'm not saying that Donald Trump has personally "whacked" anyone, or even arranged for it, but, after all, he is more connected than Frank Sinatra!

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