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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Police alerted over Kylie stalker

Kylie is to release a new single and album next month.

LONDON, England -- Pop star Kylie Minogue has called in police to investigate a series of threatening letters.

The 35-year-old singer is reported to have become concerned after receiving 700 letters at her home and office.

The letters, all from the west of England, started as ordinary fan mail but have been getting increasingly aggressive over the past year, according to The Sun newspaper.

One of the singer's management team went to Fulham police station in west London last week to report the harassment and ask for advice on how to deal with it.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "An allegation of harassment was reported at Fulham police station on September 18 on behalf of a Chelsea woman.

"An investigation is ongoing at Fulham CID and at this stage there have been no arrests."

Former television soap star Minogue enjoys superstar status in Britain after a string of pop hits over the past decade including "Can't Get You Out Of My Head."

Earlier this year she launched her own range of underwear in London. Next month she is due to release a new single and album.

In April last year Kylie revealed she had been stalked by a fan for five years, and said he had even managed to find out where she went shopping.

"I'm sure he means no harm," she added.

Go to the "video" page and look at the "'Love Kyie' advert, and sit down so you don't fall down!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

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Friday, September 26, 2003

The Spectator.co.ukIf Clark wins — I’ll quit!
Mark Steyn says General Wesley Clark cannot beat Bush, not least because he sounds like a paranoid narcissist New Hampshire

It’s the poll that’s got ’em all hot: Wesley K. Clark: 49 per cent; George W. Bush: 46 per cent. CNN and USA Today conducted it, and on air this week, listening to her ‘senior political analyst’ declare that ‘President Bush is sinking’, Judy Woodruff looked as if she wanted to do her Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally impression: ‘Yes, yes! Oh, God!! Yes!!! Aaaooooowwwwaaaooah!!!!’

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Dick Morris
The Political Life

An open letter to Karl Rove

Karl Rove
Senior Adviser to the President
for Strategic Initiatives
The White House

Dear Karl:

As you know, I have been doing my best to support President George Bush in the wake of Sept. 11. I felt — and feel — that it is our patriotic duty to do all we can to help him as we confront the threat of international terror.

Now, as the president’s ratings approach rock bottom (you hope), it’s time for me to write to you directly, if publicly, with advice on how to resurrect this dying presidency.

Dying? When Newsweek has you at the exact share of the vote you actually got against Gore in 2000 (48 percent — the word dying is appropriate.

My advice:

1. Confront Iran We confront a deadly threat, as you know, in the determination of the theocratic jingoists in Teheran to acquire nuclear weapons. Don’t worry about being the kid who cried “wolf” too often. Explain candidly and aggressively the danger we face from Iran and rally the public to counter the new threat.

Specifically, invoke the D’Amato Amendment and impose sanctions on European, Asian and Russian companies that invest in helping that criminal regime develop the oil and gas reserves that it uses to subsidize terrorism worldwide.

It is only by appropriately raising the perceived importance of the terrorism issue back to its old heights that Bush can keep control of the political situation at home and abroad. This is not adopting a bad foreign policy for domestic political advantage. It is adopting a good one that has the same end.

2. Restrict The Mission in Iraq Isolationism has always been the hidden force in American politics. Never really defeated in an election, it lingers in both the Democratic and Republican political bases. The casualties and cost of the ongoing occupation of Iraq are tapping into this potent political force (which I once quantified through polling as 35 percent of the electorate.) These voters put aside their isolationism to back the war in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the danger illustrated by Sept. 11. But they are not about to support what Bush once called “social work” in the guise of what he now calls “nation building.”

We should place No. 1 priority on the safety of our troops in Iraq. If we have to keep them on the base and out of the streets, so be it. The first priority has to be to stop the bleeding, whatever the cost to Iraqi reconstruction. Americans don’t care if the electricity is on in Baghdad, just preserve the lives of our sons and daughters.

3. Pass Prescription Drug Benefits The economy is not that important to Bush’s fate. Unlike in 1992, voters understand that there is not much a president can do to impact it. Voters also understand that it is Osama bin Laden, not Bush, who caused the last recession. But health care prices, now that the smoke of terrorism appears — incorrectly — to be clearing, are a very important element in the strength of the Democrats. Just as I told Clinton he was unlikely to win if he didn’t pass welfare reform, I think that Bush has to pass prescription drug benefits for the elderly. None of the GOP objections to the bill should stand in the way of its passage.

For those who say the bill goes too far, I would give the same answer we gave Democrats in 1996 who felt the same about welfare cuts — pass it now and fix it later.

4. Back Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Bush needs a major domestic theme to deal with high gasoline prices and with our dependence on terrorist oil. His efforts for more energy production ring hollow with Americans. But by galvanizing Americans around hydrogen fuel cell cars and retrofitting American gas stations to carry hydrogen, he offers a practical way to counter the financial power of terrorism. Just as he seized American imaginations with his commitment to research in his State of the Union Address, he should now move to implementation to regain his hold on the issue.

I don’t work there anymore, but perhaps these ideas might help a very successful president who has provided the leadership we need get reelected.

Sincerely, Dick Morris

Dick Morris is Off With Their Heads: Traitors, Crooks, and Obstructionists in American Politics, Media, and Business.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Friday, September 19, 2003

Harvey's current weekly column, published in newspapers around the country.

Below is a partial collection of the best of Harvey's published articles and newspaper columns along with an archive of columns from the past three weeks. These will be added to and changed on a regular basis.

Columns from the past three weeks:

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"10 Commandments for the office"
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"Obstacles are the stepping stones of success"
"Some squares are really sharp"
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"Tell the Truth or Pay the Consequences"
"Manage Your Time or Others Will Do it for You"
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"Holtz Scores on Fourth and Long"
"There's No Business Without Show Business"
"Who's Got the Hammer?"
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"How Not to and How to Think Creatively"
"Crunch Time"
"Volunteerism: You Often Receive More Than You Give"
"Michael Jordan"
"Leaders Need to Show Caring is Contagious"

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Feature Article:

The Infallible Indicator, and What It Means for Your Investments

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

It's remarkable... an indicator you can't ignore.

It has made only six predictions since 1970. And all six predictions were exactly right.

The predictions were for recession. There were six predictions, and there have been six recessions since 1970. That's a perfect record for 33 years.

This indicator has a perfect record of predicting bad times. And it can be used to forecast good times as well. Best of all, it's simple to track, and I highly recommend adding it to your arsenal of investment tools. Knowing how to use this indicator to forecast a coming recession-or the lack of one-can keep you from rearranging your portfolio in anticipation of a market shift that never comes.

Its Last Two Predictions...

The last time this indicator said a recession was just around the corner was from July 2000 to January 2001. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (www.nber.org), the officials who date recessions, the last recession lasted from March 2001 to November 2001. So the prediction was perfect - signaling well in advance the oncoming economic malaise.

The previous prediction was from June 1989 to December 1989. The recession lasted from July 1990 to March 1991, according to the NBER. The indicator was a little early that time, but it was accurate.

The other four recessions came in 1970, 1974, 1980 and 1982. All of these recessions were preceded a few months in advance by a prediction from this indicator.

What The Indicator Is...

It's really simple. It's when short-term interest rates rise above long-term interest rates.

This is a rare occurrence. The last three times it's happened have been late 2000, late 1989 and mid-1981.

There is a good reason it's a rare occurrence: In a world with little inflation, long-term interest rates should be higher than short-term interest rates. It comes down to risk... If I lend you a dollar that you're going to pay back tomorrow, I don't worry about my risk, and don't demand much in interest. But if you're going to pay me back in 30 years, then my risk is higher, and it makes sense for me to ask for more in interest.

Why do short-term rates ever rise above long-term rates? It's generally because Alan Greenspan (at the Federal Reserve) is trying to slow down the economy. His main tool to slow down the economy is short-term interest rates. If he raises them significantly - to levels above long-term interest rates - then he's bringing out all the stops. And it results in recession a few quarters down the road. Judging by history since 1970, it happens every time.

What The Indicator Is Saying Now

Actually, right now Alan Greenspan is not trying to slow the economy down. Far from it. He's trying to juice it with all he's got. Short-term interest rates are at multi-decade lows, and the spread between short-term interest rates and long-term interest rates is at its highest percentage in history.

This should (in theory) have an incredibly stimulating effect on the economy. Much of the stock market rally in the last year can be attributed to the ultra-low interest-rate environment in place right now.

Bottom Line

It doesn't happen often, but when short-term government interest rates rise above long-term interest rates, watch out. A recession is around the corner. However, today, we're in the exact opposite position.

Judging by this (so far) infallible indicator, there's no recession on the horizon.

· You can track the Infallible Indicator at: www.bloomberg.com/markets. Right now, as that page shows, 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds are paying over 4%, while the Fed Funds rate is 1%.

· Another good web site is www.bankrate.com, which provides news and other information pertaining to interest rates (and other personal-finance issues).

Good Investing,


Steve Sjuggerud, has a doctorate in finance and has been regarded as one of the best researchers on the stock market around. He is the editor of "Steve Sjuggerud's True Wealth," has been a member of the Oxford Club's Investment Advisory Panel for more than five years and is the co-founder and President of Investment U. Steve will be a featured speaker at the November 17 One-Day Workshop, "What to Expect in Today's Market Climate" as well as being a featured speaker at the IITM/Investment U Trading Mastery 101 Course, December 6-7.

Steve and Van will both be speaking at the Agora Wealth Options Seminar. September 29-30, Seattle, WA. For information visit Click Here

Article #263 reprinted with permission from The Investment U E-Letter. To learn more about Investment U and Steve Sjuggerud visit their website http://www.investmentu.com/IITM

Opinions of the D.C. Bar Legal Ethics Committee
Opinions of the D.C. Bar Legal Ethics Committee
The D.C. Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee periodically issues opinions interpreting the Rules of Professional Conduct and previously issued opinions interpreting the Code of Professional Responsibility. Copies of all opinions beginning with number 210 are available in PDF format by accessing the menus below.
Opinions with numbers lower than 210 were issued interpreting the Code of Professional Responsibility. Some of those opinions remain in effect under the Rules of Professional Conduct and are available below.
Earlier opinions may be obtained from the D.C. Bar’s Legal Ethics Office, by e-mailing a request to legalethics@dcbar.org.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

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22 12~}Put Yourself In My Place (Acoustic Mix)
23 13~}If You Don't Love Me (Acoustic Mix)
24 14~}Confide In Me (French Version)

Full listing of KYLIE MINOGUE releases

Friday, September 12, 2003

Kylie Minogue- Offizielle deutsche HomepageKylie Links

Offizielle internationale Site

Deutschsprachige Fansites









Internationale Fansites















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2939. John Dryden. 1631-1700. John Bartlett, comp. 1919. Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.

NUMBER: 2939
AUTHOR: John Dryden (1631–1700)
QUOTATION: Beware the fury of a patient man. 1
ATTRIBUTION: Absalom and Achitophel. Part i. Line 1005.
BIOGRAPHY: Columbia Encyclopedia.

Note 1.
Furor fit læsa sæpius patientia (An over-taxed patience gives way to fierce anger.—Publius Syrus: Maxim 289. [back]

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

From, The Sun:

Kylie's on Slow burn

Sultry ... Kylie's new look

HOW a-pout this! Pop babe Kylie Minogue shows off a smouldering new rock chick image for her new single Slow.

Friends reckon Kylie, 35, is looking and sounding sexier than ever since she found love with French film hunk Olivier Martinez, 37.

One pal said last night: “She has never been happier and her music has a new sultry sound as well.”

Aussie cutie Kylie releases the single on November 3, then her ninth album on November 17.

Sales of both are sure to be anything but Slow.

Source:- http://finerfeelings.co.uk
Thank you to everyone who responded! I was asked by several people to post the results. The overwhelming choice for assistance with filings at foreign exchanges is Perfect Information www.perfectinfo.com 212-792-4350. GSI www.gsionline.com has some foreign filings, and someone also suggested trying Diligenz www.diligenz.com
Thank you again - what an amazingly helpful group of people librarians are!
A page of links to State Secretaries ofd State corporation Division websites:

This is a good one for links to filing sites:

Sunday, September 07, 2003

New Kylie Kalendar on sale

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Kylie Minogue is both Australia and Europe's best-selling female pop singer, ensuring her survival with imaginative videos and intriguing the public with constant changes of her image. With the release of Fever, her eighth and most successful album to date, Kylie Minogue is back to visit the United States after her 1987 hit remake of The Locomotion, which reached the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart. Also a noted television and film actress, she achieved early fame in Australia and the United Kingdom for her role in the soap opera Neighbours. Kylie's list of collaborators throughout her career proves her ability to cross the boundaries that have limited pop stars in the past.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Olivier's slow pull over Kylie

Kylie ... pop babe sounds
better than ever
Picture: BIG

KYLIE MINOGUE’s handsome man OLIVIER MARTINEZ sure is having a good effect on her.

While the pair are relaxing on a romantic break together, I’ve been busy with an exclusive first listen of Kylie’s new single — and it’s a corker.

Slow, which will be out on November 3, is one of Kylie’s most seductive tracks yet — and I can’t help but wonder what Mr Martinez is doing to her.

The smitten star has left the feel of catchy Can’t Get You Out Of My Head behind and delved into something much darker.

It reminds me of her late nineties dance era when she recorded tracks like the sexy Confide In Me.

The pop princess wrote Slow with quirky Icelandic singer EMILIANA TORRINI and electronic funk producer DAN CAREY, who records under the name Mr Dan.

Insiders at Kylie’s record label say her next album, which is still being tweaked, will be much more dance-orientated than her hit album Fever.

I’m told her handsome French man loves the track and I have no doubt it will be a huge hit in the clubs.

Whatever you are doing Olivier, keep it up.

I can’t wait for the rest of the album.

My source's Website :- http://finerfeelings.co.uk

Friday, September 05, 2003

Keyword(s): kylie Total: 2
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Market Channel Date Time Duration

NYC WNBC 08/26/2003 10:30:00 00:01:30
>>> Superstar monday as we deliver johnny. >> Thank you so much. >> Thelma. >> So weird and so strange. >>> Cube a. Antonio. And nick. Nick reveals his neurotic side. Will johnny play ozzy? Antonio on marriage and melanie. Meet beyonce's alter ego. >>> And affleck, his field of dreams. Then it's the king of pop, plus kylie and oliver's joy ride. And julianne ties the knot. >>> Is raymond's older brother ever coming back? >>> The weighty of soul awe wards. An "extra:extra" special day for me. >> "Extra"'s backstage with tyrese and arsenio. >>> I

NYC WNBC 08/25/2003 19:00:00 00:01:30
>>> superstar monday as we deliver johnny. >> Thank you so much. >> Thelma. >> So weird and so strange. >>> Cube a. Antonio. And nick. Nick reveals his neurotic side. Will johnny play ozzy? Antonio on marriage and melanie. Meet beyonce's alter ego. >>> And affleck, his field of dreams. Then it's the king opop, plus kylie and oliver's joy ride. And julianne ties the knot. >>> Is raymond's older brother ever coming back? >>> E weighty of soul awe wards. >> An "extra:extra" special day for me. >> "Extra"'s backstage with tyrese and arsenio. >>> Id

Things to Do Until the Bar Results Are in


Among the juicy pieces of information in Hillary Clinton’s recent memoir is her admission that she failed the District of Columbia bar exam. Who cares about the details of her marriage or her political life? Bar exam results are what really interest us.

We all know people (and some of us are people) who went through the bar examination more than once. Still, despite bar exams being challenging, most of us get through. The rest of us become notaries public.

There are few things worse in lawyer life than taking the bar. One of these few worse things is waiting for your bar exam results.

And the wait can be excruciatingly long–in some states, it takes three or four months to learn your fate. It is a bit curious why it takes the bar examiners so long to announce results. I mean, how much time do they really need to randomly select a certain percentage of exam books out of a big pile and mark them "Pass" and leave the rest for the "We regret to inform you ..." pile?

Meanwhile, bar exam-takers are left to wait. That means living several months under the pressure–and under the watchful eyes of friends and colleagues waiting to see if you crack under the pressure. It can get so bad that some people actually feel relieved to learn they failed.

During the waiting period, things are pretty much out of the wannabe lawyer’s hands. One thing you can do while waiting for the announcement, however, is make plans on how to react if the news is bad. There are several different courses of action for this scenario:

1. Plan to move out of state. Not all attorneys are qualified equal; that’s because the degree of difficulty for bar exams varies from state to state. Some states will license anyone who knows how to operate a No. 2 pencil. So, instead of studying harder to try again, you can move to a state where the odds are in your favor. One warning: If you go to one of the easier states and fail there, it will be obvious to all that you are not the legal genius you pretend to be.

2. Make alternate career plans. As you become certain you failed, you will start thinking about alternatives. Your new career path can be almost anything, as long as it doesn’t require a license and the passing of a test. One idea that may pop into your head is marrying someone you think will be elected president of the United States, and then running for the U.S. Senate yourself.

3. Plan your excuses. Unlike most other academic, professional and personal failures, failing the bar is public information and, in your mind, a public event. In other words, if you fail, you can’t simply lie to people and tell them you passed. (Well, you can, but they can look it up.) Instead, you’ll have to practice saying, "I didn't want to be a lawyer anyway," or some such. Warning: "They lost my exam book" and "A terrible mistake has been made" have already been tried with little success.

4. Give me a call. I know a guy who works out of an alley downtown who is a master at making fake bar cards.

You can contact the Rodent at

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

FAA - 2002 Fact Sheets: "0940. (approx.). American Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.

0945. In the first unplanned shutdown of U. S. airspace, the FAA orders all aircraft to land at the nearest airport as soon as practical. At this time, there were more than 4,500 aircraft in the air on Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plans.

1007. (approx.) United Flight 93 crashes in Stony Creek Township, PA.

1039. Reaffirming the earlier order, the FAA issues a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) that halts takeoffs and landings at all airports.

1215. (approx). The airspace over the 48 contiguous states is clear of all commercial and private flights.

AskOxford: What is the origin of the term 'brass monkey'?: "

Frequently Asked Questions

Word Origins

What is the origin of the term 'brass monkey'?"