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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bill Moyers!

Moyers Vile Nonsense

Florida secretary of state in 2000 was an elected official, not an employee of the governor.

Robert Riger shared a link.
10 hrs
A botched voter purge prevented thousands from voting — and empowered a new generation of voting-rights critics.
Old Fox Thank you for posting this, Bob. I would never have seen it if you didn't. I disrespect Bill Moyers to the max for being SO Left and being LBJs apologist during war years. But since I worked on these cases at Greenberg, I need to study this.

They mention John Roberts anf Ted Cruz as working on the cases but we never knew that. The matter opened for me when our Tallahassee partner, Barry Richards, a Democrat who voted for Gore, called me about 7:30 PM and told me to get a copy of any Complaints filed in Palm Beach state or federal. A half hour later, Cesar Alvarez sent an email announcing the representation with an emphasis that it was purely a business decision.

All our litigation, election boards, etc. was led by and coordinated by Barry right up thru the Florida Supreme's ruling. We were told that former Secretary Baker had flown into Tally and hired us.

At that time, the Florida Secretary of State was an elected office independently of the Governor, so the somewhat snarky part about Jeb claiming to have nothing to do with Katherine Harris's handling or administration of the matter seems unfair to me.

It was remarkable and amazing to me that I observed very liberal deepNY Jewish Democrats working zealously with very Cuban Republicans for the client. One very prominent partner, who I won't name here, effectively disappeared from work and could not be enlisted for the case.

Anyway, after the Florida S.Ct. ordered a recount and we were focusing on the US S.Ct., one lawyer proposed a brief that the Florida Court had modified or changed the election law of the state, and--under the Voting Rights Act of 1964 or 5--no state with a history of racial predgudice could effectively alter their voting laws untit the change was approved by the AG. That would Janet Reno. He said the Fl.S.Ct ruling was ineffective and nonsense until the USAG signed off on it. That never happened.

That argument was not part of the Ted Olsen Petition to the high court, but an interesting point. Ted Olsen's wife, you know, was killed in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon a few months later.

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