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Friday, December 04, 2015

Guns - latest gun-free zone Islamist terror attack CA where no guns are.


Bryan, sorry the issue triggers personal and ad hominem attacks. This a very emotional matter that affects people's lives.

The reason that you never learn about the defensive use of guns and crimes being averted, apprehended, or minimized by the citizen's use of their handguns is because the Fourth Estate is basically unanimous in opposition to the 2d Amendment. They refuse to report such incidents. A librarian friend of mine in Miami told me that when he took research supporting the 2d Amendment or actual facts of citizen resistance to violent crime via the use of their gun, the Reporter told him, "Forget that: They have an editorial policy, and they will never print anything that contradicts it.

But here is some evidence that the NYT did not suppress: http://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2015/05/mass-killings-stopped-by-armed-citizens.html

I am into this matter, and my huge complaint is that Abe Rosenthal made a Pulitzer Prize and a career out of fabricating a story about the cruel murder by knife of Kitty Genovese in 1964. You can do the research, but, in short, he MISSED the real story because he wanted to create a narrative about urban apathy and unwillingness to call police about a murder right under their witnessing eyes. Two recent books exposed his fraud, but those who know Kew Gardens knew it then, in 1964, it was a bogus story. The REAL story was that NYC's totalitarian and stupid Sullivan Law prevented Kitty Genovese, a gay bar manager handling cash and coming home daily at 3 AM from obtaining a legal handgun carry permit. Her blood, that of John Lennon, and, in my view, countless other NYC murder and rape victims is on the hands of the NYT (who got the 1911 law passed), Abe Rosenthal, Michael Bloomberg, the NAB, Jimmy Breslin, and all the other unthinking Democrat Party and liberal republican sheep in NYC. But you can't sue lawmakers for malpractice, manslaughter, and unconstitutional statutes.

If you visit the state capital in Albany, you will be (I hope) shocked to read in their exhibit about the Constitution, paid for at NYS taxpayer expense, that the 2d Amendment is an outmoded artifact of a bygone era from our colonial past! Nothing about Lexington and Concord. Nothing about General Gage... about Paul Revere... about Patriot's Day, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, gun-free zones. Amazing!

If anyone questions the argument that the 2d Amendment helps protect against tyranical government, let them look up the Battle of Athens, TN. This like all the rest is never reported in the MSPress, TV, government schools or government history books.

If you won't teach history and you won't tell the truth, you can bamboozle an awful lot of well-meaning people. Citizens and patriots have a solemn civic DUTY not to be bamboozled! Sermon over.

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