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Friday, December 04, 2015

Tennessee driving laws...


  • 55-8-101 (15)  driver defined.
  • (26) intersection.
  • (39)  operator.
  • (41) park.
  • 55-8-110 (a)(8)  yellow or amber warning light on three-light signals shall be a minimum of three seconds in length.
  • 55-8-117 (2)  overtaken vehicle upon audible signal shall give way to overtaking vehicle and shall not accelerate to prevent being overtaken.   (wish this included any signal such as flashing brights).
  • 55-8-128  at intersection, driver on left shall yield to driver on right.
  • 55-8-129  left turns at intersection. 
  • 55-8-136  shall exercise due care.
  • 55-8-140 (2)  left turn left of the center of intersection wherever possible (as opposed to the UK where your turn behind the left turner from the opposite direction).
  • 55-8-142 (a) driver shall signal turns and changes of direction (like lanes changes, too).
  • 55-8-143 turn to be signalled where "any other vehicle may be affected."   Olson, 59 F.Supp. 2d 725; Smith, 21 SW3d 251; Gonzales, 52 SW3d 90.  [no probable cause for stop when no violation occurs because no other vehicle was affected].
  • 55-8-193 excessive noise w/sound amplification plainly audible 50 feet or more.
  • 55-8-199  driver shall not read or transmit written message while driving.
  • 55-9-202  no muffler, defective muffler, or muffler cut-out device forbidden.

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