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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obama + Clinton created the terrorist organization called ISIS.

Rockland County (NY) Report

VIDEO REPORT: Pentagon Documents Outline Obama Foreign Policy Created ISIS

Documents provided by Judicial Watch as reported by CBS News – REALITY CHECK describe how the Obama Administration’s foreign policy aimed to topple Syrian President Bashir Assad against all warnings of what could happen by funding and injecting a foreign “Salafist” group into Syria.   Foreign mercenaries and Jihadist adhering to the most brutal form of Islamism springing from the Wahabbi sect of Sunni Islam morphed into what is now called ISIS/ISIL poured into Syria from adjoining Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia and Libya.
The Obama and Hillary State Department policy joined with the agenda of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood to supplant secular Muslim regimes under the guise of the “Arab Spring” that pulled the rug out from long-time U.S. ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  The same pattern followed Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and Syria.   These documents add texture to the revelation that the string of events unfolding in the region, creating instability, and the unprecedented crisis of migrating populations fleeing the violence,  were a direct result of President Obama’s and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s making.
It is with deep suspicion and growing incredulity that national security experts view the Obama Administration’s push to transplant thousands of Syrians into the United States at this time.  These Pentagon documents are the first but unlikely will be the last to indict the policy-makers who for reasons as yet unknown, created the terrorist organization called ISIS.
Declassified Pentagon Documents Reveal Obama Plan Created ISIS to topple Assad.
Declassified Pentagon Documents Reveal Obama Plan Created ISIS to topple Assad.

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