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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Terry Blamey


Kylie's tribute to Terry Blamey in full - A&M Awards 2012

Tom Pakinkis
Terry Blamey, Kylie Minogue A&M Awards

An emotional Kylie Minogue made a surprise appearance at last night's Artist & Manager Awards to present her own manager Terry Blamey with the Peter Grant Award. 
Kylie recalled their time together since 1987 before thanking him for “helping a 19-year-old girl take on the world and become a woman and an artist."
Upon receiving the award, Blamey thanked his family, colleagues and good friend, Mushroom Records founder Michael Gudinski – who also paid tribute to Blamey on the night.
“As Mike said, we’ve worked together for over 40 years, sometimes amicably – always amicably,” smiled Blamey. “He came all the way from Australia to be here tonight and stepped off the plane a few hours ago and I really appreciate that.”
Blamey dedicated “80 percent” of the Peter Grant Award to Kylie herself. “Over the last 25 years we’ve had an extraordinary journey. We’ve both grown and learned together and I want to thank her in particular for this honour and for her belief in me,” he said.
Kylie’s tribute to Terry Blamey can be read in full below:
“I’m so thrilled to be here for this wonderful occasion to celebrate Terry’s achievements.
“We started off in 1987 when I had what resembled a poodle perm. Who didn’t? And as you might not know Terry sported a very fetching mullet. I didn’t drink coffee, now I don’t turn up for work without my coffee and Terry didn’t drink alcohol – it was that long ago. He would order a cappuccino and I would scoop the foam off the top.
“We started to travel the world, in the pointy end of the plane. Terry read computer magazines and I used to think he was crazy. ‘What are you reading computer magazines for? Computers are for nerds.” – I checked my iPad, my iPhone, my laptop, everything this morning.
“Then we thought we hit the big time when Terry got his mobile brick – I mean mobile phone, which is older than some of the people here today.
“25 years later you can only imagine how much we’ve been through together: The highs, lows and plateaus, the good the bad and the ugly. But throughout it all Terry’s commitment, support and guidance has remained constant.
“He’s always been fiercely protective and no doubt some of you have been on the wrong side of that, but the other side is much more of humour and love. I’m so glad that his family are here tonight – his three beautiful children, who all travelled very far to be with us tonight. Georgie, Tom and Kate, you have to be extremely proud.
“I really could be up here all night boring you or enthralling you with the tales that Terry and I have been through and what our life together has entailed, but to keep it short I’m just going to ignore the rest of you, if you don’t mind, for a second and say Terry, thankyou so much for everything. For helping a 19-year-old girl take on the world and become a woman and an artist.
“Here’s to the future.”

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