Centurian  Anthony Guthrie  23 minutes ago
Good luck with that! Randy Weaver (of Ruby Ridge), a former Green Beret soldier, was accused of selling a shotgun, the stock of which was supposedly 3/8th of an inch too short without paying a $200 tax for the NFA restricted weapon. He claimed that the undercover agent must ahve shortened it because it was legal when he sold it.
When the Feds couldn't persuade him to serve as a snitch within a group, of which he wasn't a member, they prosecuted. When he received a notice from the court that the hearing date had been changed, it turned out that the notice was wrong by 30 days. He didn't show for the hearing because his notice said it was a month away. The judge issued a warrant for his arrest for not showing.
Three Feds trespassed on his property, shot and killed his dog for no reason and shot his 14 year old son in the back, killing him. A friend killed the ATF agent that killed them. After a standoff, the reinforced Feds shot Weaver and the friend and then shot weaver's wife in the head as she was nursing her infant, killing her instantly. After a long standoff, Weaver surrendered. He was cleared of every charge except failure to appear, (which was, of course ridiculous) but was given credit for time served and released. Everyone else was acquitted.
So, no harm, no foul? But, they killed his wife, son and dog while trespassing. They shot him and a friend. They ignored his rights and attacked his property for reasons that they manufactured in order to get him to be a snitch.
Good luck standing up to those sort of people. The same ones that now sexually assault people who want to travel by plane, or train, or bus.
America is toast.