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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Kylie's Bum Gets A Legal Slapping

Dilek O'Keeffe, the artist who painted 'Consumerism 2 - Talent' featuring a likeness of Kylie Minogue, has painted an amended version following the withdrawal of the original by the Royal Academy in London, after they were threatened with legal action by Minogue's lawyers.

Minogue Inc. claimed her copyright was infringed over the unauthorized use of an image of Kylie's bum in the original painting. The painting was withdrawn from the exhibition by the Royal Academy without contesting the claim.

Now Dilek has painted a revised version and is demanding the Royal Academy replace the original Minogue painting with a not so flattering but also not so recognizable Pop start image.

"There is no excuse for the Royal Academy continuing to exclude the work from the Summer Exhibition" Dilek says. "The RA are supposed to stand up for artistic innovation, integrity and cultural freedom of expression. It's a scandal if today's RA are just one more institution that lies down under pressure from corporate and commercial interests."

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