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Friday, July 25, 2003

Here is Bill Moyers stuck in a time warp of imagination from the 70s still rehashing the same old overhashed and discredited liberal prejudices of his LBJ day.

The viewers and followers of this dumbed down claptrap must all be cut from the cliche of Dharma's dad. Moyers still speaks as if his worlkd view had any credibiltiy and in fact as if it were the main stream of suppositions held by most thinking people.

Listen to this hogwash on the FCC business, "following the FCC action, letters are running 9 to one agianst the change in the rules..."

What BS. That is so crooked it's laughable. 9 to one because there is a campaign. 9 to one because it is done. Overwith. Why would anyone who supports what the FCC has already done bother to write anyone about it? 9ro one. Hah, humbug.

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