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Thursday, July 31, 2003

A Gay High School in New York:
rambling comments:

What is the entrance exam like?

Can you be bisexual, sexually confused, a straight transvestite? And besides I have seen plenty of homosexuals who are bullies and live thier lives insulting and trying to make others feel ashamed or uncomfortable. Rex Reed, Roy Cohn, Naughty Norton, virtually every movie critic. In fact they'll be all picking on the fat, messy kid with poor taste in clothes that like country music.

This will never fly. If it flies for one year like the Bring Your Daughter to Work Day did, it will be defeated when a group forms a Puerto Rican school, a Catholic school, a Arab-American school, or a Children of Broken Homes School. True it wil take the courts two or three years to shut it down and they will have a run for that long, but how dumb!

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" but he came from Harvey Milk High School, Sergeant!

I wonder which health insurance carrier is going to be rushing over there to set up the Group Policy, solid as the rock? Good hands? The Firestone Rubber Company?

Who wants to be the guidance counseller at Harvey Milk High School? Dairy Queen?
We put the seconds into Secondary Education.
We put the tension in detention.
We put the dick in valedictorian!
We got more cum in magna cum laude.
Summa cum lauder than others.

"Help? My mother made me a queer!"
'If I give her the wool, will she make me one?'

Please someone stop me, I can't control myself!!!!

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From: Richard
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 6:44 PM

From the NY Daily News....

Mike Hails Gay H.S As A Shelter From Bullies

"Mayor Bloomberg is defending a plan to open the city's first entire high school for gay students, touting it yesterday as a haven from bullies. The Harvey Milk High School is scheduled to open in the fall at 2 Astor Place in the East Village with an initial enrollment of about 100 students after a $3.2 million renovation."
Mike Hails Gay H.S As A Shelter From Bullies

Of course, for $3.2 million, you could hire personal body guards for every one of those kids at 32 large a pop. Or, you could round up the bullies and throw them out of school --- that would be free.

Didn't the ACLU sue the city when they tried to open a school for girls in Harlem after studies showed that girls did better academically in an all girl environment? Does anyone remember if that school ever got opened? Because if it didn't, this new school sure as hell shouldn't be opened.

The future possibilities are endless......

Fat Albert High
Bad Complexion High
Speech Impediment High
Yo Mama is Ugly High

You KNOW that the only reason Bloomberg is behind this is because, when he was a kid, he probably got pounded like a Narc at a bikers' rally!

You can't make this stuff up!

Richard ...

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