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Sunday, July 20, 2003

XIV. Book Production and Distribution, 1625–1800
By H. G. ALDIS, M.A., Peterhouse, Secretary of the University Library
Attempts at State Control under Charles I. and the Commonwealth
The Censorship of L’Estrange
Lapse of the Licensing Laws
Copyright before 1709
The first Copyright Act
The battle for Perpetual Copyright
The relations between Author and Publisher in the Seventeenth Century
Milton, Baxter
Earnings of playwrights
Literature becomes a Profession
Increase of the Reading Classes
Patrons and Dedications
The Publisher as Patron and Employer
Leading Publishers in Commonwealth and Restoration times
The Eighteenth Century
Tonson, Lintot, Dodsley, Millar
Trade books
Society for Encouragement of Learning
Bell’s Poets and Johnson’s Poets; Paternoster Row Numbers
Booksellers’ Clubs
Cadell, Strahan
Literary Booksellers
Curll and Grub Street
“The Trade” in London
Little Britain
Scot, Bateman, the Ballards
Other Localities; Westminster Hall
Literary Coffee-houses
Payne, Davies
Popular Literature
Practical Divinity, Chapbooks
The Retail Bookseller
Sale by auction
Printed Catalogues; James Lackington
Circulating Libraries and Book Clubs
Trade Lists of Current Publications
Trade sales
The Provincial Trade
Scotland and Ireland

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