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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Combine PDF files


Q. I scanned some paper documents and saved them as PDF files on my Mac, but each page is in a separate file. Can I combine a PDF in the OS X Mavericks program Preview, or do I have to get something else?
A. Preview can combine the scanned pages into one PDF file. Open the first page in Preview, go to the Edit menu, select Insert and then Page From File. In the box that opens, navigate to the file you want to add next and click the Open button to add it to the document.
Repeat the process until you have all the pages in one file. If you are scanning the pages as you go, you can select the Page From Scanner option on the Insert submenu to pull a newly scanned page right into the file. Save the file after you have finished adding pages.
As an alternative, open the separate PDF files, turn on Thumbnails under the View menu in Preview and then drag the small page thumbnails from the side of each document window into one main file.
The pages should insert themselves where you drag and drop them with the cursor, but you can also drag them into a new order within the Thumbnails pane. Apple has illustrated instructions for combining PDF files in Preview at support.apple.com/kb/HT6174.
Preview is a Mac program, but Windows users can find several PDF editing tools and online services (like SmallPDF.com). The industry standard, Adobe Acrobat, can easily merge PDF documents as well as create, edit and convert them.

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