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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Sauer und Sohn 38H Pistol


The Sauer und Sohn 38H Pistol
by Aaron Shuler
Sauer 38H left side view.When a Sauer 38H walked up to me at an Alaska gun show years ago, I was hardly an expert on the weapon.  In fact, though I’d heard about it and seen a picture, I had never handled one.  This one had a slipover rubber grip on it but seemed otherwise in good condition.  The owner had a magazine loaded with Winchester Silvertips and a single cartridge in his pocket.  This was his concealed carry gun.
Something on my table had caught his eye and a symphony of horse-trading banter ensued. It seems he had owned the .32 for years but wanted something more appropriate for concealed carry in Alaska where bad guys wear heavy jackets and you’re more likely to shoot an animal than a human with your CCW. After a short time, he walked away with one of my guns and his Sauer was hiding below my table. Now a proud owner, I sought out all the information I could find on this new pistol. Here’s what I found...


see also http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg/de/sauer-38h-e.html

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