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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fourth Estate

Don Hewitt openly bragged about how he coached and cooked '60 Minutes' to "save" Clinton's campaign, and Roone Arledge determined that advertising revenue was worth more than political education and dropped the majority of all convention coverage (but he continued to indulge David Brinkley with the rollcall of the states).

I wonder who on the left came up with the Blue State--Red State idea that goes entirely against intuition and reality.   In England the left party color is red.  The right party color is blue.  They wear big ribbons and bows on their breasts.

Red is the color of Stop!, bull-headed passion, blood and violence, fire engines, the Red Army, dis-ease and alarm, Red Guards, Red Brigade, Red Skull, Red China, red tape, deficit and losses, wounds, inflammation, lesions, pox, seeing red, red ants, failing marks.

 While blue represents law & order, blue bloods, aristocracy, winning horses, number one livestock, and top-rated pies, police cars, sensible blue plate specials, clear skys, life-giving water, the thin blue line of protection from evil, the best baking flour, sensitivity, sadness, calm, peacefulness, soothing, security and safety, etc.

This convention is obviously the creation of a Madison Avenue color consultant that wants to influence your thinking and your emotions to his point of view.  Look at the colors that NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN use to dress their sets and backgrounds for the "news."   They ain't usin' red, pilgrim.

I can't understand how Roger Ailes at Fox could accept it. These are not neutral colors. Who did this?

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