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Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is kinda how I see Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

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  • Dan Hagevik a homeless ranting EDP getting assaulted is no laughing matter. Hope that guy that punched him gets arrested. Funny thing I see a bunch of black Israelites doing basically the same thing every day around NYC for 30 years and no one says anything.
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  • Jayson Elliot Hard to laugh at a homeless man getting knocked out, I agree. It's a shame Reagan didn't leave the support structure in place that would have helped him.
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  • Old Fox "Reagan?"

    "Geraldo Rivera... in 1972, ... garnered national attention and won a Peabody Award for his report on the neglect and abuse of mentally retarded patients at Staten Island's Willowbrook State School.... After John Lennon watched Rivera's report on the patients at Willowbrook, he and Rivera formed a benefit concert called "One to One" (released in 1986 as Live in New York City.)"

    That's what caused deinstitutionalization, switched the cost from state hospitals to the federal government, and pushed these unfortunate, dysfunctional souls under your bridges, where they don't have to follow your control-freak rules, take your mind-bending medication, wash their hair or wash anything, can spend all day at the nice, air-conditioned public library (as long as you leave the children alone now). Real "safety net" for these folks.

    The only kindness they get nowadays is the miniature bottles of liquor and automobile rides that they get from the Democrat Party when election day comes around. Personal opinion: I think everyone was a lot better off when the state hospitals thrived full of dipsomaniacs and nymphomaniacs. But that's just me.

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