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Friday, May 20, 2005

Taxonomies : Frameworks 2nd Edition - Research and Markets - Market Research Reports: "Hard Copy

Taxonomies : Frameworks 2nd Edition
April 2005, Pages: 140
EUR€ 552.00


Taxonomies: Frameworks for Corporate Knowledge is the most comprehensive practical 'hands-on' guide available on taxonomies. No other publication can provide you with such a wide range of research material and case studies in this area.

The importance of this subject and the business critical implications of getting it wrong cannot be overstated. Taxonomies: Frameworks for Corporate Knowledge will guide you through the essential steps to implementing a robust information architecture. The report is available now and covers the following areas:

What taxonomies are
Why they are important
How to implement a taxonomy
Individual company case studies
What the experts say
Scenarios for the future

The second edition delivers revised and expanded sections throughout as well as a highly requested technology section featuring evaluations of 30 new taxonomy solutions, with individual explanations of each vendor and product. This section also includes full details of product functionality and lists of special features.


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