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Friday, August 15, 2003

TypePad: FAQ: "Q. What is TypePad?

TypePad is a personal publishing service designed to provide a simple yet full-featured environment for you to put your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the web, whether it be a weblog, journal, photo album, diary, or an entirely new creation. Just sign up with TypePad and you'll be publishing your thoughts to the web in minutes. With TypePad, there's no installation or configuration required, your website and all the tools are managed by our service, and upgrades and updates to the TypePad application are included in your service subscription fee.

Q. Is TypePad just hosted Movable Type?

A.TypePad was built upon the reliable,tested Movable Type platform, but it includes new functionality that is not in Movable Type. Most importantly, we rebuilt the entire interface from scratch to be simpler, faster, cleaner and more powerful. Then we added in huge new features like photo albums and statistics tracking right in the application itself, and integrated it with built-in hosting with plenty of space for your weblog entries, photos, and the flexible archives Movable Type users have grown accustomed to.
Q. Do you offer a free trial?"

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