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Friday, August 01, 2003

Kylie so happy with Olivier


KYLIE Minogue yesterday dismissed rumours her lover has fallen for movie babe Angelina Jolie — and said: “I’m so happy with him.”

The Aussie pop princess admitted she had read reports linking hunky Olivier Martinez and Tomb Raider star Angelina, with whom he is shooting a film.

But after jetting out to Canada to see the handsome French actor, Kylie spent two nights with her man.

Olivier wined and dined her at cosy tables for two. And Kylie, 34, declared she had “no worries” about their future.

The singer — arriving home in West London yesterday — said: “I’m so happy right now.

“I love every minute I spend with Olivier. I had a couple of days off so I packed an overnight bag and flew to Montreal.

“Of course I am aware of what had been written in the Press, but this trip was like the previous three I’ve made to Montreal to visit my boyfriend while he’s filming.”

She added: “We’re both busy but make time to be together. Things couldn’t be better.”

Kylie met Olivier in the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel in March. Their relationship began shortly after Kylie’s ex, model James Gooding, sold secrets of his romance with her to a newspaper.

Olivier, 37, is currently filming Taking Lives with 28-year-old divorcee Angelina. The pair were spotted watching baseball with Angelina’s adopted son Maddox.

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