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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Inside the American Mob


Just saw this remarkable 6-episode documentary mini-series on Netflix.
It's deep history of the Mafia, five families in NY and Philadelphia.
The prosecutor from Goodfellas, many FBI men, Donnie Brasco, Michael Chartoff, a young AUSA with the special team assembled by the great Rudolph Giuliani.
The connections, rackets, many specific crimes and hits, control of unions, docks, garment district, the internal war about dealing drugs, how Columbo got the Justice Department, FBI, and the producer of The Godfather to totally end and drop use of the word "Mafia."

It covers Joe Columbo's arrogant and foolish Italian-American Civil Rights Association rally at Columbus Circle in 1970 and then the second in 1971 where he was murdered on the stage in front of thousands, press, Gabe Pressman by a black hitman hired by Crazy Joe Gallo.

Amazing.  Nick Scarfo ran all the unions in Atlantic City and Philadelphia.  When casino gambling was legalized in AC, it became a mega-boom for mob construction, cement, electricians, carpenters, teamsters, and the gambling, loansharking, prostitution, and official corruption--a crown jewel for the Five Families.



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