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Sunday, April 12, 2015

More of the Same from the NYTimes

Now, over 100 years of tradition:


Unfortunately, this kind of behavior isn’t new to Andrew Rosenthal, the man who runs the editorial page for the New York Times. Rosenthal has a long history of deliberately misstating facts in order to make his enemies — people who aren’t hardcore liberals — look bad. Rosenthal was the individual who falsely reported in 1992 that President George H. W. Bush had never before seen an everyday supermarket scanner. Rosenthal’s lie was so blatant that even his fellow reporters thought it was a “cheap shot.”
Then there’s the deceptive headline Rosenthal’s team added to a Mitt Romney op-ed about Detroit’s financial troubles: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” Romney never said that or anything close to it, but properly reporting facts has never really been Rosenthal’s forte. He is not a reporter; he is a liberal activist with a soapbox and a megaphone.
Sadly, today’s faceplant by Rosenthal and the New York Times editorial board should really come as no surprise. They don’t care about facts. They don’t care about accuracy. And they certainly don’t care if their lies about guns and the NRA have no basis in reality. The New York Times has an agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with reporting the truth."
Mr. Rosenthal is the son of Abe W. Rosenthal, former reporter, city editor, managing editor, executive editor, and chief architect of the modern Times.    He famously fabricated a story as rooky city editor that made his name and his career.  
"One article assigned by Mr. Rosenthal, focusing on New Yorkers' fear of involvement in crime, recounted the murder of Kitty Genovese, a Queens woman whose screams were ignored by 38 neighbors while her killer stalked and attacked her repeatedly on a street for 35 minutes. The article shocked New York, and Mr. Rosenthal later wrote a short book on the episode, "Thirty-Eight Witnesses."   http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/11/nyregion/11rosenthal.html?pagewanted=6&fta=y>
Focusing on thoughtless, cruel, selfish urban sensibilities to not "get involved" in fellow citizens lives and victimization, the article became the basis for psychology textbooks teaching psychology students that this "urban apathy" is a real thing and a feature of our decadent society.
The REAL story missed by Abe the elder, an overzealous young reporter on the make was that New York's foolish and evil Sullivan Law alone brought about Kitty Genovese's stabbing murder in front of her apartment because even as a gay bar manager, transporting cash, even as a lesbian subject to all sorts of hate and threats, coming home alone daily at the wee hours of 3 AM, she was not able to obtain a handgun permit from the City of New York.  THAT's the story!  
The same could be said for John Lennon and countless other innocent, law abiding New York City residents murdered defenselessly.
Of course, further aggravating is that the NYTimes was a major driving force behind enactment of the Sullivan Law in 1911, jumping on a bandwagon launched by an assistant medical examiner after a Gramercy Park murder with a handgun.  Similarly, the REAL story was the corruption and criminality of state assemblyman Sullivan.

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