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Monday, September 08, 2014

Black Enslavement:
A number of months ago I wrote about the trail of deceit and payola that is the route taken by those that bought and paid for Barack Obama. It has its roots in that 1979 Article from the Chicago Tribune by Valerie Jarrett's Father in law, the noted communist Vernon Jarrett. He basically asked the Arabs to buy the black race in America and enslave them to the Arab need for a caliphate that would be built on the backs of blacks very much as they built the pyramids of ancient Egypt. It was slaves, nubian and other wise that toiled following their entrapment and capture in Africa. The door to the capture of that earlier group of victims was money, spread around by the muslims of that day, willing to take what was not theirs and turn a man into a commodity to be bought and sold. The Egyptians knew the practice well and it was a Jew named Joseph who supervised the prosperity of one era into the saving grace of the next. It has always amazed me how the plans of man that have evil intent can be used by a gracious God to do immeasurable good. The famine and the starvation that would follow were forestalled by a man of faith whose God granted him favor and honored his loyalty.
Today the black race of America have been enslaved on the government plantation of dependence and indolence, where right has become wrong, good has become bad, and ingenuity and individual effort are for many to be mocked and derided. Not all blacks are that way and the list is not a short one of black success. But the odds against that success are great and to rise up and out of a culture of dependence has many factors working against and few working for those who struggle to succeed.
In a mark of the consciousness of a nation that had risen above the notion of color as a plus or a minus, we welcomed the opportunity to see one man of color rise to the pinnacle of success in the land. He claimed the highest office of the land due to his acceptance as something we have learned to our woe to have not been true. He was not the champion of equality that we thought he was proclaiming himself to be. He was not the great bridge of the gulf between races and has proven himself to be a race bait-tor par excellence. The change that he sought was not the American dream on steroids but the failed marxist notion of theft from one man who succeeds to be gifted to another who happens to have a need. Not a charitable notion but a demand with the gun of government to the head. So we fell for it hook, line and sinker and are paying a terrible price.
Now we stand at a turning point of American history as many wake up to the realization that communism is being forced on us by a con and a liar. We did not buy it when we saw it from afar and now that it is on our shores and has insidiously wormed its way into every facet of the federal government with its heavy club of the threat of law and the punishment that it can wield, we are aghast. Beyond the shock though is the anger of righteous indignation as we see that the forces that make the country great have been treated as the new terrorists. Christians, service members, and Constitution quoters have been singled out for rebuke and treated as criminals. Someone has lost sight of who built this nation and whose God blessed it into being the great city on a hill that it was. We are now suspect on the international stage as we no longer support our allies and instead are in favor of a world view that other nations can no longer trust. It is a shame that we have sunk so low, but with the help of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who in days past has rewarded our obedience to his commands, we can rise again. In the meantime we have some house cleaning to do.
Traitor - Thy Name is Obama. It is time to be rid of you.
- Dr. Jim Garrow -

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