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Monday, June 30, 2014

Noble House Custom Tailors

I have had about a dozen suits and two dozen shirts from Vijay over the years, and these two blasts seem to me beyond credibility.

First, the work is guaranteed with reimbursement for any additional tailoring or alterations necessary which you can have done by your local tailor.  This, even if you have lost or gained a lot of weight since the measurements.

Second, how can the man complain about the fabric when he selected the fabric himself from the thousands of swatches available.  If he didn't examine the swatches (which are categorized by quality, origin, and price) then he assumed the risk of getting something unsatisfactory.  Mr. Wadwanhi would not be lugging 100 pounds of fabric swatches around the world four times a year through airports and hotels every other day if he didn't want customers to carefully consider and approve their own fabric choice.

My suits all have 1-5/8 inch cuffs, pleated trousers, and are otherwise standard timeless Brooks Brothers style.  I have a huge barrel chest, which has been beautifully accommodated in the jackets and shirts.   My shirts have 3-1/2 inch button down collars, two button cuffs, and two breast pockets.   Half of the suits and sport coats contain a magician's topit based on the pattern sold by Michael Ammar.  This works wonderfully and secretly with no effect on the drape of the suit.  The topit is part of my standard patterns at Noble House.

This is a dying art and Vijay will not be around forever.  He has never taken a sick day and is incredibly productive and wise.  If you want to dress well, get with Noble House soon.  You won't regret it.  It is guaranteed.

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