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Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Useful Software...

Defusing Hostility Helpcard (Downloadable Version)

For busy people who want or need a summary of defusing techniques. Based on our Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook

Originally designed as a companion to our best selling book "Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook", the information on this page will help you deal with difficult, manipulative, and aggressive people both within a customer setting, and in other situations. Summarizes basic defusing principles, self control methods, and some of the most important techniques taken from our book.
Learn To Deal More Effectively With Difficult, Hostile, and Manipulative People At Work & Home
The Point: We know that civility and reasonableness seem to be less and less common in our society, as people become impatient, and prone to unpleasant or hostile words and deeds. Written by communication expert an author Robert Bacal, Defusing Hostility Helpcard is based on our customer service seminar of the same name. It includes an overview of the principles of defusing hostility and dealing with verbal abuse PLUS a number of verbal techniques and self-control methods. While this card is slanted towards dealing with hostile customers, you will find most of the tactics can be used in any difficult situation.
ContentHere's what's included:
  • Basic defusing hostility. principles.
  • Self control methods and issues .
  • Encouraging calmness & cooperation.
  • Techniques for control/verbal self-defense.
  • Twelve other techniques useful when dealing with hostile customers.

Buy Defusing Hostility Helpcard - Electronic Version

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