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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Big Tax Increase, nothing for you.

Get ready folks for a Big Tax Increase, supported totally by Dems and largely by Republicans in the senate. They don't think it conflicts with the Grover Norquist pledge. But the "Marketplace Fairness Act," like so much legislation over the past several years is exactly the opposite of what it's title implies.

The MFA, or Amazon tax, will make a federal law that you have to pay state sales tax at the rate of your residence (TN is 9.45%) on anything you buy through the internet, by phone, or mail order from an out-of-state merchant. That's right: Your state will impose a tax levy on your out of state purchases. It's an Internal Tariff, forbidden by the Constitution.

They will argue that their sales tax is really a "sales and use tax" that is due from you the consumer because you used something. Used something tax!

They say it is in the state law now, so you owe it, it is due, and they want to make you pay. Fortunately, without this Act, they have no way to make you pay and no way to find out (short of spying on your bank records) what you are buying outside the state. They say it is due. But they can't collect. That means, if they are going to engineer a way to collect taxes that they are not collecting from you now, they are hitting your family budget with a Big Tax Increase.  And lying that it is not.  Look at how much money the proponents of this outrage claim it will bring in to state revenues.  That number, my friends, is the exact amount of your new Increased Taxes.

Of course that imposes a massive administrative expense on Amazon, eBay, and every other merchant to calculate and remit these taxes specific to your residence to your local political functionaries (bureaucrats)! PRICES MUST GO UP.   They are going to mess with your eBay sales and force you to collect and remit taxes for THEM across state lines.

Your state of course must hire many new employees (with pensions and benefits), buy expensive software programs, computer servers, e-commerce equipment to monitor ALL this economic activity which is BIGGER GOVERNMENT. New enforcement police will be hired, armed and deployed to travel all over the country, stay in three-star hotels, eat free, and rent cars to check the books of your out-of-state suppliers.

That's what my Senator Lamar Alexander wants.  He used to work for Reagan.  Reagan would never abide this theft.  Bob Corker has also told me that he supports this Massive Tax Increase and Enlargement of state Government.  They are working in concert (complicity and cahoots  with your Democrat Party Tax and Spend Liberals) to take more money from YOU and keep it for themselves!  Unbelievable!  

Enough is enough.  Stop it.  Get off our backs and cut government spending.  Stop taking our money and wasting it.  Stop trying to figure out how to get more money from us all the time.  Give a bonus to any and every government employee who can give a suggestion to cut the cost of government and reduce his budget.  Give him 10% of everything he can save.  Cut the crap.  You KNOW that would work.  The government employee unions have been screwing us for years.  Pick up on what Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers.  Get real. Make like you cared about the voter and taxpayer instead of the parasites that suck and live off of OUR blood.

Truly, Government is theft.

PS.  Control freaks like Bloomberg don't realize that we can set up business in Vancouver, China, or Tijuana to fill the demand from Americans sick and tired of being used and abused for politician's experiments.  That will be good for Americans and workers in those cities, but not for the US economy.

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