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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Government 'Solution' to a Real Problem

Trading gift certificates for guns

By andrew whitney
April 7, 2005

In the wake [that's like a funeral wake, I suppose, not a boat's wake] of several highly publicized incidents involving gun-related deaths, the Philadelphia Police Department has announced a gun buyback program scheduled to run through the end of the month.
Police spokesman Cpl. Jim Pauley said that the goal is to reduce the number of gun crimes by reducing the number of guns available to potential offenders.

To that end, throughout April, Philadelphia's police precincts will be accepting firearms of all shapes and sizes with a "no questions asked" policy, Pauley said.

While the program will be implemented citywide, the impact of guns has been apparent at Penn in recent months due in part to a Feb. 18 shootout involving four men outside the Bridge: Cinema de Lux movie theater at 40th and Walnut streets.

There have also been several gunpoint ...
It's like Homer Simpson is thinking up public policy not the Keystone Kops.

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