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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Putin Say Panama Papers are a US Plot to Destabilize Countries

First to go is the PM of Iceland.


My View:

The US is the only nation known that imposes income tax obligations on all Americans irrespective of their residence. British, German, French, Swiss, Lebanese citizens pay no tax on their overseas income or employment. But a US citizen employed in Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Panama, or Paris, a child of a foreign US missionary in China, a US doctor with Doctors without Borders, a US person that owns a tourist retreat, restaurant, hotel, or American Bar in Casablanca must file and pay US taxes. Every year every US Embassy hosts visits by IRS agents (paid for with tax dollars) to get resident Americans to file and pay income taxes. 

US Treasury has bullied foreign financial institutions with Draconian, punitive fines to disclose identities and details of the accounts of US citizens resident outside the US. What country does that? This is not about drug smugglers, blood diamonds, or white slavery. This is about TAXES, and the US bully asserts extraterritorial jurisdiction whenever and however it can.

Russian claims that this leak comes from US Intelligence to destabilize Russia might have veracity. Treasury is part of the Intelligence Community which has means to hack these servers. Hillary thought she could destroy her email evidence with a re-format, but Wikileaks could find them elsewhere and the FBI has them now. Treasury has a ruthless agenda with no oversight.

This International Registry proposal is financial Big Brother on the scale of One World Government. Shell companies today, your credit card transactions, phone calls, and grocery lists tomorrow. Snowden is a hero.

Taxation is Theft.
Try this freedom lovers: http://tinyurl.com/NoSpies33

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