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Sunday, October 04, 2015

God Created Puppies

7 Months of Tears for My Pierre

Found a puppy under the house
So tiny looked like a wild field mouse
Hair tangled in dreadlock knots
Eyes so wide like large black spots
Tongue hanging down to the ground
Continual panting the only sound
Trembled as he watched to see
Looking deep judging could he trust me

Son-in-law said his name was Pierre
Fleas and ticks everywhere
Smelled to high heaven breath included
Alone from the rest he was excluded
Possessing only one testicle 
In his tiny way such a spectacle 
Picked him up from that place
Felt a tiny-tongue-kiss on my face

Waited at the vets until morning
As they opened came in storming
3 days later got the call
Picked him up clean, shots, and all
Received his first bone doggie tag
Showed him off did nothing but brag
My heart always burst with pride
As he never left staying at my side

He was the first incentive you see
To get off drugs and be the real me
In him I found unconditional love
Something only felt with God above
Never before has anyone stuck like glue
Events that life put you through
Even through the murder of my family
Pierre gave only love and sympathy

Worked so hard came home pale
Pierre waiting wagging his tail
During Saturdays we played games
Kisses afterwards always the same
At night cuddled to watch TV
Sat on my lap such a comfort to me
We slept together in the same bed
On his own pillow after prayers were said

One day mom called to tell
Pierre was sick would not get well
Flew home as fast as I could arrive
Pierre was gone no longer alive
Sank down to the floor into a tiny ball
7 months of tears that would continually fall
Day after day eyes blood red
Day after day more tears shed

Took his dog tags of all those years
Carried them close my biggest fear
Lose the only thing left of him I had
My aching heart is still very sad
Hallucinations of his stark
I can hear him growl with a bark
Strongest friendship I have ever known
Evidence of him in my heart still shown

My best friend he became
Forever in my spirit he will remain
No matter when I stop to remember
My darkest day in every year's November
When my loving soul and best friend
Took my heart along with him
With all my love and joy within
I pray he is happy in doggie heaven

©LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath
October 3, 2015

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