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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Carly for America


Dear Terry,

I have known Carly for over 25 years -- I am honored to have worked with Carly at AT&T, and then at Lucent Technologies when it began in 1995. As someone who worked for her, I always respected how she could at once put people at ease so that they felt heard and valued, but also be gently pushing the group toward a consensus on vital issues. Because of her ability to listen, build teams, work hard and make smart choices, Carly rose through the ranks easily. She was determined to do things and do them well. 

As someone that has worked for and known Carly for more than two decades I can tell you that she has unmatched intellect, integrity and leadership abilities. 

I've continued to watch Carly grow. I've watched her manage through flush times and lean times; her approach to solving problems never changed. Her natural ability to lead continuously impresses me: she surrounds herself with competent people, empowers them to find solutions and she works collaboratively with them in implementation. She never avoids the tough decisions and always takes responsibility for those she has made.

I believe it would be refreshing to have Carly lead our nation -- we have enormous problems facing us right now. The old, professional political class isn't working anymore. We need a leader with the skill to find solutions to problems, the courage to make tough decisions and the integrity not to blame someone else when things go wrong. I know from personal observation that Carly is that leader and am confident she will introduce Americans to a new era of leadership.

There is much about Carly’s career that people don’t know. Please visit FromSecretarytoCEO.com to learn more and please be sure to share it with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. 

Bill Rohrbach

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