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Friday, February 28, 2014


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Write Your Members of Congress

The Marketplace Fairness Act hurts small businesses, which in turn, affects us all. The House has signaled the desire to have a binding vote on Internet Sales Tax legislation, or the Marketplace Fairness Act, in the coming weeks. This is a pivotal moment for small businesses who sell online and consumers alike. Write your member of Congress and urge them to vote no on this issue. 

Send This Letter to Your Member of Congress

The Marketplace Fairness Act hurts small businesses, which in turn, affects us all. As your constituent, I am extremely concerned about the Marketplace Fairness Act and the one million dollar small businesses exemption it includes. The Senate has unfortunately passed this bill and if the House takes the same move it will make it nearly impossible for most small businesses to survive.
The current exemption - at 1 million dollars - is far too low for small businesses to stay afloat. After a small business owner pays for goods, shipping costs, taxes and other fees, what's left is barely enough to keep the business up and running, let alone hire a couple of people to handle the sales volume. The Marketplace Fairness Act, if passed in the House, will require small businesses to become tax collectors for every city, town and state in America – that’s 9,600 jurisdictions. These small businesses could be audited or even sued in states where they don’t live, vote or receive government benefits.
If any Internet sales tax legislation is to be enacted, it must include a small business exemption that actually meets a realistic standard for a small business. A meaningful exemption from new Internet sales tax will allow companies to remain competitive and meet the expectations consumers now have for options in merchandise and prices when they shop online. Unfortunately, those in favor of the bill have denied reasonable exemptions mirroring the small business immunities already in place by federation legislation.
In the interest of economic growth, and the preservation of healthy competition in the online marketplace, it is essential that the House acts now to prevent the Marketplace Fairness Act from becoming a reality. If the legislation must be passed, then please ensure that it includes a stronger exemption for small businesses than is currently provided.
I ask that you vote no on the Marketplace Fairness Act (S.336/S.743/H.R.684).
Sincerely, [YOUR NAME]