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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Democrat Blue and Republican Red Hoax

Don't even call them "blue", Ricardo. That color assignment was made by the Democrat Left-leaning media with their Madison Avenue color consultants for it's psychological effect. 

Red has always been the color of the left since Lenin. It is the color of the Labour Party, while blue is the color of the Tories. It means Stop, Danger, red ink losses in the income statement, blood in the streets, angry bulls, Red China, Red Path, Red Brigades, red flag in sports, dangerous overhang off your truck, no parking in California, Fire, exit, rear of the train, Satan.

Blue is the color of law and order, sunny days, police officers and police cars, mailmen, good news, buses, blue plate specials, blue ribbon winners, blue-bloods, bluegrass, rhythm and blues American music, deep blue seas, blue skys coming my way, calm, peace, serenity, Blueball Pennsylvania, Blue Man Group, blue eyes, blue water rafting, blue lagoon, My Blue Heaven, blue water navy, When Sunny Gets Blue, wild blue yonder, the boys in blue, Bluesette, the Blue Star Steamship Line, Blue Bonnett Margarine, Heaven.

Just look at how the TV news producers color their sets. It is always blue, calm, soothing, pleasant blue, light and dark, variations to white and never red, orange, wavelength transmissions.  It is a total fraud on your subconscious and I can't believe that Roger Ailes let them get away with it.  Rupert should have stepped in on that decision!

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