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Saturday, April 09, 2011

kylie, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

kylie, n. : Oxford English Dictionary


kylie, n.
truetrueView as: Outline |Full entryQuotations: Show all |Hide allPronunciation: /ˈkaɪlɪ/ Forms: Also koilee, kiley.(Show Less)
Etymology: < an Australian Aboriginal language.(Show Less)
W. Austral.
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A boomerang.1839 N. Ogle Col. W. Australia 57 In every part of this great continent they have the koilee, or boomerang.
1846 J. L. Stokes Discov. Austral. I. iv. 72 One of them had a kiley or bomerang.
1885 M. A. Barker Lett. to Guy 177 The kylie (what is called the boomerang in other parts of Australia), a curiously curved and flat stick, about a foot long and two or three inches wide.
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kylie, n.
Second edition, 1989; online version March 2011. ; accessed 09 April 2011. Earlier version first published in New English Dictionary, 1901

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