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Monday, May 15, 2006

Historical hourly - intraday quotes

HQuote Pro downloads historical stocks quotes, futures, market indices, mutual funds quotes from Quote.com and Yahoo data servers. End-of-day, weekly, monthly and intraday quotes supported.

Fitch stocklist@fitchgroup.com 212-619-3800 or 800-332-1237 and
fitch ratings


Briter Systems maintains a complete historical collection of the data we capture.
Every quote includes: name, symbol, date/time, current price, change value, change percent, previous close, open, volume, day min price, day max price, price to earnings, market cap, average volume, year min price, year max price, dividend value, earnings per share, dividend yield

Bi-Hourly Data: is collected every 30 minutes on roughly the 3000 largest companies which are traded on the US markets. Stocks are constantly added to the list and some companies are bought or delisted, so the list is ever changing. The list would correlate well to the Russell 3000.

End of Day Data: for All Listed Equities on NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ provides over 7,500+ equities

http://www.tickdata.com/ provider of valueadded historical intraday financial data, and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) have unveiled ready-to-use trade and quote data for equities traded on TSX. This offering, the result of an agreement between Nexa and TSX Datalinx, the market data operation of TSX Group, is the newest addition to Tick Data's Tick Equity Database, a research-quality historical intraday equity database launched in April, 2004. The TSX product includes cleaned and filtered trade and quote data as of January 1, 2001, and was developed for quantitative investment professionals who require research-ready historical equity data to design, test, and validate trading strategies and order execution systems.

Tick Data combines software-based analytics and human analysis to ensure its data sets are truly ready-to-use. The proprietary, multi-step process includes the following key components:

$95/mo QCharts 30 days free
Deepest Historical Data
Only QCharts™ provides seamless access to over six years of intra-day data and 15 years od daily data for any symbol


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Public Corruption

New FBI website

Public corruption is one of the FBI’s top investigative priorities—behind only terrorism, espionage, and cyber crimes. Why? Because our democracy and national security depend on a healthy, efficient, and ethical government. Public corruption can impact everything from how well our borders are secured and our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts handed down in courts of law…to the quality of our roads and schools. Here you can find more information on how we investigate cases of corruption across all levels of government and details on our strong national program to address these crimes.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Internet Prospector


The surge in the global economy in recent years suggests a potential similar spike in the demand for international prospect research. Watch these pages as the Prospector explores foreign shores for the latest in international research sources.

Locating Incorporation (and other) Records in Canada:
Stake your claim up north with the Prospector's exclusive guide.

Tax Assessor Database


Contributions to this project are strongly encouraged. Please feel free to email the following information whenever you call a tax assessor's office:

The name of the county, city or township office
The number by which you must multiply the assessed value to come up with the market value
Phone number of the office
Tax assessor's web address
You may also wish to access the Geographic Name Server at http://www.mit.edu:8001/geo to determine what county a particular city is in. The name server provides other information about cities as well. You can get there via telnet or through a www gateway. Updates to: c-pulawski@comcast.net