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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Kylie's got rhythm to crack US

KYLIE MINOGUE secretly plans to relaunch herself as an R&B star in a bid to crack America.

She has asked writers to come up with songs similar to those produced by THE NEPTUNES.

They helped make JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s hugely successful album Justified and have also worked with BEYONCE KNOWLES and BRITNEY SPEARS.

Kylie has also been working with Eighties dance guru CURTIS MANTRONIX on electro dance tracks.

A source close to Kylie told me: “She’s been very impressed with the work The Neptunes’ PHARRELL WILLIAMS has done with Timberlake and NELLY.

“She hopes this style will help her get chart hits in the States. So far she’s only had limited success there and she thinks she might do it if she gets a more R&B sound.”

I reckon Kylie should stick to dancey pop tunes like Spinning Around and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, which transformed her career and put her back on top.

Just remember what happened to the SPICE GIRLS when they decided to go R&B — they flopped.