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Saturday, September 13, 2003

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2 cd pack

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1 Confide In Me
2 Surrender
3 If I Was Your Lover
4 Where Is The Feeling?
5 Put Yourself In My Place
6 Dangerous Game
7 Automatic Love
8 Where Has The Love Gone?
9 Falling
10 Time Will Pass You By[~2~]BONUS DISC
11 1~}Dangerous Overture
12 2~}Confide In Me (Justin Warfield Mix)
13 3~}Put Yourself In My Place (Dan's Old School Mix)
14 4~}Where Is The Feeling? (Acoustic Version)
15 5~}Nothing Can Stop Us
16 6~}Love Is Waiting
17 7~}Time Will Pass You By (Paul Masterson Mix)
18 8~}Where Is The Feeling? (West End TKO Mix)
19 9~}Falling (Alternate Mix)
20 10~}Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)
21 11~}Surrender (Talking Soul Mix)
22 12~}Put Yourself In My Place (Acoustic Mix)
23 13~}If You Don't Love Me (Acoustic Mix)
24 14~}Confide In Me (French Version)

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