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Thursday, April 14, 2016

What's Happening to American Democracy?


I am not for Trump at all unless it comes down to him or Hillary. Cruz is the most Constitutional, intelligent, genuinely conservative, courageous and top integrity person right now.
But this entire report is SO slanted, SO distorted, SO unfair that it is sickening. Al Jazeera, are you in cahoots with Bill Moyers, DemocracyNow!, and Occupy Democrats?
Brookings Institute. What about Hoover Inst., Cato Inst., or American Enterprise Inst.?
"Citizen's United v. FEC" did not change the rules. The case overturned the unConstitutional "rules" of the administrative state that denied Free Speech to citizens who combined to express political opinions. Those "rules" were illegal. The case was brought by Hillary Clinton against a well-made and damning documentary made exposing her background by Citizens United. CU had complained to FEC about Michael Moore's hit piece "911" released to hurt the Bush campaign right before the 2004 election. FEC through out their case. Then they decided, "If they can do that to us then we can do that to them."
They did in 2008 and Hillary went ballistic, as she is wont to do. FEC sided with Hillary this time and had to be chastised, corrected, punished, and humiliated by the Supreme Court's affirmation of Free Speech.
It sure hurt the Democrats and--according to this report--the Republicans, too. So the case reduced the ability of party bosses to control the debate and the distribution of funds and advocacy advertising. Poor babies! This is a GREAT thing.
The 1965 Selma voting repression was entirely the work of DEMOCRAT elected and party officials. It is totally a piece with other Democrat Party policies like the Dred Scott decision, the unprovoked attack on Ft. Sumter, the Civil War, the murder of Lincoln, voting rights violations during Reconstruction, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, military segregation, school segregation, vagrancy ordinances, framing blacks and renting them out for prisoner labor, the criminalization of interracial marriage, segregated water fountains and men's rooms in FDR's Pentagon, and every other social program destroying, hobbling, and killing the black communities and family. How does this reporter get to blame that on Republicans? He must have believed the curriculum in the Government Schools.
Citing "Republican" Gerrymandering, the reporter decries problems with Latino representation in Texas, but just a paragraph earlier, he opines that requiring proof of citizenship to vote is "racist." Gerrymandering has been used to ghettofy voting districts to ensure black, latino, Jewish, Italian, Irish, Greek, Russian, Puerto Rican elected officials since Gerry was a Founding Father--about 100 years before any Republican Party! It is part of the game, but needs to be even-handedly reformed.
Armageddon is a Republican (Karl Rove) scare tactic? Is that worse than Global Warming as a Democrat (AlGore) scare tactic?
Harry Reid's bogiemen, The Billionaire Koch Brothers are demonized once again in the piece while the Billionaires George Soros, Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen, AFL-CIO, Bill Gates, Jon Corzine, Robert Rubin, General Electric, Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, Vernon Jordan, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, Hugh Hefner all get a free pass?
Stanley Greenberg is an honest expert? At least he has the decency, or carelessness, to display a Democrat donkey behind him signalling that he is a Democrat mouthpiece, spin doctor, and one-sided propagandist.
This story is a great example of crooked, advocacy "journalism," propaganda really, omitting essential facts and elements, and giving false ammunition to demagogues and charlatans on the Left. Articles like THIS are what is wrong with the US political system. And, we are NOT a democracy. We are a representative republic. Learn civics much?
Flame away, my fellow Americans.

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